Anonymous asked: A while a go, Riot revealed some concept art of yordles that did reveal Veigar's face. While it did slightly seem to have a very small muzzle, it didn't do the cat thing you do. While it is just concept art and doesn't portray the true character, if Veigar got a VU of this design and it illuminated his face, would you change your Veigar's looks?

// Do you mean Knockwurst’s Yordle Explorations? If yes, I’ve seen it. I will admit I draw his muzzle quite big, but before I ran this blog I drew a lot of cats so when I go to draw him I do what feels natural to me. Even his scars I’ve made up for him are my own doing, and no way canon.

He actually has a muzzle visible already in his Curling skin. Since Knockwurst’s designs are concept, I wouldn’t change them to fit those, but if official Riot art came up with his VU (which I hope doesn’t change too much, rather just touch him up so he doesn’t have pizza feet etc), then yes, I would change to match the new design. I have a feeling they wouldn’t drastically change him too much considering Knockwurst’s second drawing still has his shadowy visage.

As for the muzzle thing, it’s more a stylistic thing than anything else. Probably just accepted I’m a bad artist by doing that. I’m just trying to be anatomically muzzle correct but I’ve probably made him waaaayyy too cat like for most of my drawings. It’s probably something I’ll work on to make his muzzle subtly smaller so it’s not so bulky, but at the same time I don’t want him to look too feminine. ARTIST PROBLEMS.

tldr; yes

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// updated my theme a little bit :3

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Anonymous asked: *Drops down da 10k gold* Dance like your soul is on fiya!



starts crying

Anonymous asked: thats what i thought when you unfollowed me XD

// I don’t ever remember following anonymous

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When losing a follower:


// The cycle of following and unfollowing continues. We will live, they will die.

"I don’t even worry about him."

Anonymous asked: then dont post them

// Well done anon. You’ve not been brave enough to say it to my face and you’ve managed the miss the point of my post.

If someone sends an anon question and I want to answer it then delete it later I can.

Tumblr. Where I will offend someone with a simple PSA.

// Please do not reblog my posts when they are tagged ‘delete later’ unless there is some reason to reblog them.

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Anonymous asked: Are you actually dating let's use all the colors or is it just something you are doing to promote each other?

// OOCly, letsuseallthecolors is my waifu/best friend and no, we are not dating. In character though, yes, my Veigar and her Lulu are dating.

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This is my 12th giveaway and there are many more to come! Good luck everyone. Winners selected on 8/20/14 <3

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Anonymous asked: Headcanon: Veigar actually has a relatively normal yordle voice, but when he tries to yell and be evil it becomes that high pitched voice

// He would totally sound like Salem, right?

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Anonymous asked: Veigar is just worried about Lulu's safety. After all, that strip club apparently doesn't have a proper fire exit.

// omfg

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My waifu (letsuseallthecolors) needs to stop sending stripper applications.